The McElhinney Wakeboard School

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  Look for new Podium pictures coming in 2009 when Pat and his students charge through and take on the local and national wakeboard competitions. Better yet, get some lessons from The McElhinney Wakeboard School and join us at a couple of events for non-stop action and fun!

July - Pat's students are absolutely roaring through the 2009 Podiums at all the major competitions! Congratulations to the WWA Nationals winners - Ian Rabon took 1st place in Jr. Boys, Braxton Feemster - 1st in Boys Beginner, Zandon Feemster - 3rd in Boys Beginner and Jack Dorresteijn got 4th in Jr. Boys Beginner - way to go!

April 2009 is off to a roaring start with a Pat  McElhinney students once again atop the podiums! Ian Rabon took top honors in Orlando at King of Wake - look for a repeat at Nationals. Two other students, Jack and Max Dorresteijn both won their divisions at the Austin INT tournament. Way to go boys!
WWA Worlds 2008 - Joe Martella places second and Ian Rabon takes 3rd in a very heated battle for World Champion of Wakeboarding - Jr. Boys.
What are the ODDS?!?!?!?

Well... I guess if you know Pat, then... pretty high actually!
The best wakeboarders in the entire world gathered to fight it out again at WWA Worlds in Oklahoma City for the Jr. Boys Division and TWO of the podium placers were McElhinney Wakeboard School students! So in the last month, two of Pat's boys have beat out everyone in the country to get on the podium at Nationals and they also took two podium spots at Worlds. Way to go boys and way to go Coach McElhinney!

Congratulations to Joe Martella and Ian Rabon
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