The McElhinney Wakeboard School

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Over the years Lake Placid has quietly been becoming a wakeboarding tour-de-force with pros and magazines routinely doing photo shoots and videos here. The nine miles of glass smooth water and gorgeous natural shoreline make it an ideal location for pictures and videos of some of the most insane tricks seen in wakeboarding today. Here are some links to videos of Pat and Gabe's adventures on Lake Placid and around the country.
 Excellent video made by four of Pat's students
 Pat 540 at Texas Ski Ranch
 Gabe's Wall Ride - Whaaaaat?
 4/23/2008 Wakeboarding with Pat Mcelhinney, Aaron Reed, George Daniels, Collin Wright, Danny Harf, Gabe Lucas and Ben Greenwood.
Watch it on your computer
 Gabe and Pat wakeboarding behind a cobalt
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